Vintage Hawaii Souvenir Satin-and-Fringe Pillow Case


This beautiful pillowcase is from the 1960s and was sold as a souvenir in its former life. Made out of satin, it features a fringe treatment around the edge in red, white, and blue. The colors on the front illustration are truly beautiful and include pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. The vibrant and painterly drawing boasts a hula girl, surfer, hibiscus flowers, plumeria flowers, and a couple iconic Hawaiian landmarks. It also illustrates a poem that’s directed to “My Wife,” and ends in “Aloha From Hawaii.” It’s extremely soft and silky feeling.

Condition: Pretty great. The color is vibrant and the fringe is intact. The satin on the back has a cream tone that’s slightly different from the front, but it’s consistent throughout. The back has two very small dark strips on one of the corners where I’m assuming a label used to be.

Size: 19” L x 19” W (including fringe)

Material: Satin

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