Vintage Large Handmade Purple Shark Dangle Earrings - Limited Edition

$42.00 $33.60

This funky set of shark earrings was part of a limited edition jewelry collection that celebrated endangered species in 1991. They were sold through “Nature’s Jewelry Catalog,” and a portion of the sales went to the World Wildlife Fund. These particular dangle earrings are made out of hand-carved wood that’s been hand-painted in purple and white. Please note the size of the earrings as they’re pretty large, which makes them all the more unique—and serious conversation starters at a fun outdoor party. You can choose to purchase the earrings on their own, or to bundle them with a matching pin.

Condition: Great!

Size: Shark - 2.5" L x 1.25" W (fin width) x .75" H ; Earring Loop - .75" L

Material: Wood, Metal

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