Vintage Geometric Pink and Blue Badonviller French Liliane Plate


The French earthenware factory Badonviller boasts history going back to 1828 and produced a beautiful line of classic French pottery over the years up until what I believe ended in the 1990s (this last date unconfirmed). What makes this plate/small platter unique is its blue and pink design that’s surprisingly modern. The geometric design has an almost spray-paint look to it that makes it feel more midcentury than vintage French. 

*Marks on the bottom:  Badonviller - 10 - 40

*Discovered at the Paris Flea Market.

Condition: Great. There are a couple pieces of natural material baked into the white surface in the center (a result of production rather than ware).

Size: 9” L x 5.5” W x 1.25” H 

Material: Pottery

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