Large Mini Vintage Yellow Japanese Flowers Folding Paper and Wood Party Decor Umbrella


These fun Japanese paper umbrellas look like big versions (almost 11 inches long!) of the ones you stick into your pina colada. I can see them being thrown into a large pitcher of cocktails at a midcentury luau-style dinner party. Use it to decorate a large cake, throw it in a pig pitcher of mai tais, use it to decorate your summer party, or stick it to your office’s inspiration board for a fun piece of aloha flair. It opens and closes and can be pushed to its full extent (9” wide) to remain open. We have 2 available.

Condition: The wood and paper is worn but still well-intact. The white paint at the tip of the umbrella is worn down. They open and close well. Firmly press up to make it stay open. 

Size: 10.75” L ; Closed - 2.25” W ; Open - 9” W 

Material: Paper, Wood

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