Vintage Funky Tropical Floral Aloha Belt


When I found this belt, the woman who described it to me said, "It will bring a little bit of aloha to anything you're wearing." She really hit the nail on the head! With a faux leather backing and a metal clasp with a brass tinge, this groovy 38-inch-long belt is lined with an almost silky tropical floral fabric that's very pretty and surprisingly painterly. The inside says it's a size 12, but I'm imagining it being worn high above the waist over a dress, a tight skirt, or with high-wasted pants. 

Condition: Great! When the belt is unworn, it won't lay completely flat (due to it being stored in a coil for too long), but it opens up nicely when worn.

Size: 38" L x 2" H

Material: Faux Leather, Floral Fabric, Metal

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